PACS Solutions

Capture, Store and Share Easily and Securely


PACS Solutions

Capture, Store and Share Easily and Securely

At VUE IT, our extensive experience in building affordable PACS solutions for small and mid-sized practices ensures we’re able to deliver systems tailored to your unique requirements, that provide the required functionality, and ease of use you demand. Powerful yet easy to use, our PACS systems transform practices by enabling new ways to view, interpret and share images.

Our goal is to ensure you have the most powerful medical imaging solution available, complete with the features that matter most to your practice. Capture, share, collaborate manage, view and store images quickly and easily with our industry-leading solutions.

  • Minimal hardware requirements 
  • Unlimited number of viewing stations across your hospital
  • Easy to use, user-friendly interface
  • Automated study rules
  • Full back-end PACS Server 
  • Multi tier PACS file system
  • Front-end fully featured DICOM viewer
  •  Import DICOM & Non-DICOM is just a few steps
  • Export Images in DICOM and JPG format
  • Automated off-site PACS archiving 
  • FDA 510(k) cleared  

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Medical Imaging Cloud

We are pleased to announce our affiliation with Ambra Health (formally known as  DICOM Grid) a leader in medical image management, with robust archiving, viewing and sharing. 

The Ambra Cloud PACS platform enables your clinic to have the next level of diagnostic imaging capabilities, by allowing on-site physicians & veterinarians to safely store, view and share their patient's medical imaging records for a second opinion. Ambra's Cloud PACS offers a number of features which are typicality hard to find in traditional PACS solutions.


Ambra's Cloud PACS is compatible with all DICOM modalities. You can rest assured all your modalities from DX, CR, US, CT and MR studies are stored in the cloud the moment an exam is finished. 


The FDA cleared, HTML5 full featured DICOM viewer gives you the freedom you’ve always wanted by enabling you to do your diagnostic viewing from any web browser, anywhere, any time. No need for powerful CPUs, expensive VPN setups or limited platform programs. Ambra's DICOM viewer can be used across platforms on your PC, Mac and tablets. 


Ambra's Cloud PACS is one of the few cloud PACS systems to offer full reporting tools within the same portal to ensures medical records retention and integrity. You can easily start creating your pre-designed reports while on the go or record a voice report for faster service with quick integration to voice-to-text tools. 


Sharing DICOM images has never been easier. With Ambra you can share X-Ray, Ultrasound, CT & MRI images securely in a few simple steps regardless of whether you are sharing with a referral center for second opinion or with your client for their own records. 





Small Animal DR Systems

State of the art digital radiography systems that will move your clinic into the modern world of digital x-ray paired with our easy to use cloud archiving & viewing software. 

No more waiting for x-rays, acquisition time is 5 seconds from the moment you hit the exposure button. This is a great improvement to the overall workflow which will cut x-ray time to less than half when compared with traditional systems. 

At VUE IT, we have over four years of experience in medical imaging, our expertise in digital radiology is second to none. Our clients benefit from access to a wide range of X-ray systems, as well as support for existing systems, including top-ranked Canon DR and Fuji DR/CR systems. We also offer portable wireless ultrasound solutions.

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Wide range of Ultrasound machines that suites a variety of applications from abdominal to rectal scans, we take in consideration how the world is moving towards mobility and mobile applications. 


Smart Laptop with Premium Performance

Genius   Light   Powerful   Thin  Accurate  Fast  Quickly

All The Aspects Are Ready To Go




All the power you need

The EBit provides all the power you need for today´s challenging clinical environment, yet remain ultra-portable, ultra-affordable. With it´s cutting-edge imaging technologies, precise and intuitive workflow, ergonomic and eco-friendly design, versatile transducers for all applications from top to toe, we firmly believe the EBit to be the very best portable ultrasound in its class today.



Ultra-Portable, Ultra- Affordable, Color doppler

The multi-purpose user presets, comprehensive measurement & report system, built-in EasyView image achieve system, quick image storage / retrieve / transfer, one-button direct print, make the complete workflow better than what you can dream of.



Eco3 VET

The new definition of high-end B&W

•  Ultra-Compact
•  Full digital beam-former
•  Harmonic imaging(THI)
•  Built-in lithium battery(re-chargeable by car)
•  Water-proof cover for the keyboard( optional ) 
•  i-imageTM
•  SRA
•  Chroma, Trapezoid imaging, Compound image